I am successful.

It’s tough not to feel like a failure when you’re getting a new business off the ground. Most people my age are established in their careers and have two kids, and they live in their native countries…

I’ve chosen a different path, and sometimes it’s absolutely terrifying. Today was one of those days. We learned about an administrative obstacle and may have to take our business to the next level to overcome it (becoming officially established paperwork-wise), which feels totally out of our league.

I started working on a flyer so that people in our area will actually know we’re here, by that I mean that I used GIMP to make a few rectangles and tried different filters on an image only to decide to scrap the whole thing for another idea. I felt so lame and unproductive.

Then I ran across this list. It may seem heavy at first to read about the five biggest regrets that dying people have, but it put things in perspective for me. And you know what? I’ve done or am the process of doing everything on that list. Number one was the hardest (and the first for me): Living a life that is true to who you are. My current challenges are keeping up with friends and the big one, expressing your feelings.


Reading through the list, I realized that I AM successful now! These things that people at the end of their lives regret, I’m doing them and picking up momentum all the time.

Maybe I can start seeing my successes more and the ways that my life is good 🙂

Here are inspirational quotes by the same author. Enjoy!


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