Little Cares…

There’s nothing that does not grow light
through habit and familiarity.
By putting up with little cares,
I’ll train myself to bear with great adversity.

We’re still here, and some things are wonderful, others very frustrating. I have a lot to say to update our story and our journey, but feel I’ve fallen so far behind that it’s not possible. So, I’m posting this quote as a way to dip my toes back into the pool 😉 This quote didn’t come out of left field, by the way. Life in general but especially our life here in France is full of little cares: Calling utilities companies to straighten out mistakes and misunderstandings, funny looks from people when they think your accent is hard to understand, no big jars of peanut butter or Reese’s buttercups easily accessible. If you take them all at once or make a little thing into a big one, it becomes too much, too overwhelming and frustrating, and living abroad starts to seem like a nightmare. But many of our troubles are little cares, and when we choose to be patient instead of flipping out or to show compassion instead of shutting down, even to hold open the elevator or say “hello” and really looking that person in the eye, we strengthen ourselves for the big things, the game changers, and ready ourselves to bear the most difficult situations with grace and to meet the most trying people with empathy and non-judgment.


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